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J-3 Car body Crystal coating


Appearance& Characteristics

belongs to the automobile coating agent for protection of exterior paint.Use of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of energy and water (water vapour) combined, formed by coating in coating of 2 hours to about 10 days after, the intensity will continue to grow (in particular hardness). This coated film has does not burning, and heat, and waterproof, and rust, and anti-scraping and the is good of key with sexual, can resistance 400 ℃ of high fever, also applies Yu internal combustion engine closed of metal part (exhaust tube)


1. innovation of glass crystal coated loaded technology, can long-term protection coated loaded surface

2. has depth of transparent film can makes gloss regeneration, maintained bright

3. can rust, maintained metal of glory

4. prevent oil or other dirty things

5. can makes by long time using, plastic products of surface recovery tones and the gloss

6. eventually hardness can up 8H, Film thickness 5 μ m

Apply modes

1. start with a beauty washes a car before construction.

2. grinding and processing to particles.

3. deep pore removal treatment.

4. body cleansers and residual wax all the car wash and dry.

5. use a special cloth for coating, stained with paint a few drops, coating, coated surfaces, a thin, evenly coated with paint after 2-3 minutes, using a specially-crafted quality waxed cloth, wipe the ground clean.

6. pay attention to the coating does not completely dry hardening, kept for 12 hours to avoid rain and not damped in water or waxing, in order to avoid surface "whitish" and "uneven".

7. in the first week, hardness is not fully formed, so do not paint surface strength of friction, or car wash cleaning car. 8. after the January-February, back to the car factory waxing, increased light.

Main Contain

modified siloxane compounds, organic solvents, additives


1. paint containing organic solvents, jobs do not access to a source of ignition, and full air circulation.

2. Paint do not directly touch the body, wear protective gear.

3. when custody, seal, and away from direct sunlight, cool site

4. once the paint of Kaifeng, please use as soon as possible (after opening, quickly sealed, we recommend placing in the freezer below 15 ℃

5. accidentally hit the paint place, wipe immediately with acetone, but attached to the painting part of the car, do not use acetone avoid coating damage.

Validity 2 years

Capacity 30ml/ bottle or 1L/tank