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Delicate foam car wash beauty products
Consumer objects: car need to clean wash dirty
Product advantages: the Company's high quality of all types of cleaning agents and does not hurt the body
Automotive cleaners use types ︰
Powerful asphalt cleaners
2. Rims detergent
3. Neutral foam concentrate car wash fine
4 powerful glass light cleaning fine
5 tire light oil
Quality waxing beauty products
Consumer objects:
Waxing a car is dirty should be cleaned
2 fixed maintenance car paint
Product advantages: The Company uses the the imported wax products in Japan and the United States, brightness lasting body paint can be a professional construction.
Six beauty wax products use mode (depending on vehicle condition available pneumatic electric mode construction)
B1 polishes
B2 polishes
3. B1 the polishing agent + C1 bright glaze protective film
4. C2 bright glaze protection protective film or C3 palm wax pneumatic waxing
5. C2 bright glaze to protect the the film or C3 palm protection wax electric waxing
6. C3 pneumatic waxing
2S the mirror beauty (decontamination + protection) Introduction
Consumer objects:
1 yellow white car
2 car wash scratches
3. Paint dull
4. Paint adhesion of foreign matter
Product advantages: This product can make use paint thorough decontamination and let finish polishing protection lasting effect
Two engineering methods and the beauty December of goods and supplies using the processes and patterns
Beauty-level professional car wash
A. paint in poor condition by
Weight (abrasive A1) or abrasives (abrasive A2), construction (A or B as the paint condition select a construction)
To use polishes B series or the protection of the the December C Series merchandise construction
B. paint condition better
Construction (A or B depending on paint condition to select a construction polishes B series (B1 or B2))
Use of protective wax (C2 or C3) Construction
3S-silicon coated Beauty (grinding + polishing + silicon coating) Introduction
Consumer objects:
Long-term protection of the paint.
2. Paint scratches
3. Foreign body attached
4 Component recovery
Product advantages: This product can make use of thorough decontamination of paint and let the paint polishing protective effect lasting than 2S mirror beauty
Processes and modes of two condition, and engineering methods and the beauty wax products and supplies
Beauty-level professional car wash
Car wash sponge + Cleaning towel + glass cloth + tire ring brush
Construction Method A
Severe abrasives A1 or moderate abrasive A2,
To use polishes B1 construction
Using silicon coating C1 construction
Construction Method B
Severe abrasives A1 or moderate abrasive A2,
To use polishes B2 construction
Using silicon coated C2 or C3
4S Teflon cuticle Beauty (coarse grinding + fine grinding + polishing + iron fronton)
Consumer objects:
Long-term protection of the paint.
2 anti-acid-base UV
Scratched lines marks processing
4. Reduce regular waxing
5. Paint seriously polluted
Product advantages: after the construction of the commodities make paint thoroughly to decontamination and let finish polishing the protective effect lasting than 3S silicon coated Beauty and warranty, normal up to a year!
Two engineering methods and the beauty December of goods and supplies using the processes and patterns
Public Law A ︰
Beauty-level professional car wash
To severe abrasive A1 construction
To use moderate Abrasives A2
To use polishes B1 construction
Using silicon coating C1 construction
Engineering methods B ︰
Beauty-level professional car wash
To severe abrasive A1 construction
To use moderate Abrasives A2
To use polishes B2 construction
The silicon coating C2 and C3 construction
Engine cleaning care Introduction
Consumer objects ︰
Used Cars finishing
2 engine room oil cleaning
3. Care and maintenance of plastic components
4 engine indoor paint part of the cleaning
Product advantages: This construction is most important to maintain normal function of each component except general improve the outer appearance, and can provide the operation of the various parts of the normal, such as throttle raft gate circuit contacts. And engine heat better clear the deposition of oil, to diminish the potential of fire trucks, and against plastic components to long term high temperature of the engine room and enure material embrittlement oxidation.
Construction process:
1 to remove stubborn grease
Engine room border bleaching
Plastic components conservation treatment
4 line contacts and metal material, anti-rust treatment
Glass cleaner polish care Introduction
Ambulance object:
Glass the attached oil spill off the dust to cause car blurred vision
Automatic washing machine residual water December ~ wipers always brush clean
Product advantages: The above two conditions will cause the wipers wiper remaining after the presence of the oil film, wiper blades is easy to wear and tear with glass cleaner polishing will make a clear glass mirror surface was hydrophilic (view), and allows the growth of the life of the wiper blades
Construction process:
1. Cleaning the body and the whole car glass
2 Wipe clean the wiper blades
3 glass abrasive particles coated on glass and mirrors in the whole car
4 electric waxing machine + fine sponge glass polishing
High pressure car wash gun rinse the glass
To slow water flow test polishing achievements
7 spray cleaner wipers and front vents, and rinse with water
Spray cleaners, dry cloth and a dry cloth to wipe the the glass surrounding plastic parts and rubber
9 dry cloth to clean the inside of the glass of the whole car
Interior cleaning care Introduction
Ambulance object:
1. Seat serious dirt attached (especially light-colored leather chairs)
2 car foreign body tipped
3 the car foreign body and odor removal
Medieval car package processing
Product advantages: the use of spray - scrub - wiping or drying process decisions that do not hurt the material, especially plastic and waterproof tape can be cleaned, after cleaning, such as a new car as clean and let love the car and then spray a layer of rubber protective wax installed proper maintenance, increase the useful life!
Construction process:
1. Spraying leather chairs and car cleaning items
2 Professional scrub construction projects to be cleaned
3 high density sponge to wipe
4 plastic and waterproof tape cleaning
5 leather care and maintenance
Car pedal pad professional cleaning and dewatering
Half ︰ four trim, pedals, rear seat audio trim, rear box ︰ half set construction; complete set + car carpet and ceiling
The nanometer coating (plated crystal body cuticle)
Consumer objects:
1 new car that nano-coating or plating crystal cuticle demand
Hope the car by nano or plated crystal treated more long-lasting protector
3. Single beauty construction.
Product advantages: the plated crystal bodywork coating not only has excellent scratch resistant, water-repellent but also to prevent metal corrosion and the coating temperature resistance up to 400 degrees, so plated crystal the bodywork coating not only beautiful bodywork good helper both to protect the body sheet metal good choice. Innovative glass coating technology, surface protection coating can be as long as a year old.
Nano-hardness testing of 2-3H, plated crystal body cuticle hardness test is as high as 8H.
Construction process:
1 Beauty-level professional car wash
2. Use small magnetic soil to coarse-grained
3 coarse grinding treatment
4. Polished flat processing
Nano coating (plated crystal body cuticle) processing
The contents of the car clean and care with 3S silicon coated Beauty 6 to 7
Fresh deodorant purification combination of goods introduced
Consumer objects:
1 car with exquisite hand foam car wash
2 car dirty think once clean
3 car smell want to remove animal carcasses (excluding processing)
4. Want to disinfect and clean car interior odor
5. Want natural essential oils smell car.
Product advantages: car wash + dry and wet vacuuming + leather chairs maintenance + deodorant antibacterial essential oils aromatic processing purification Value Special absolutely long drive to achieve the greatest satisfaction and comfort.
Construction process:
1. Delicate foam car wash
2 car clean cloth
3 car vacuuming
Deodorant purification essential oil fragrances special processing