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  • 傅勇傑(原名:曾勇傑)-Jun Car Easy founder
  • The Taiwan automotive beauty Daren
  • 32 years of automotive beauty professional experience
  • VTC Lecturer
  • Automotive Beauty business management experts
  • Sundries experience of over 20 years of automotive beauty / insulation paper / car
  • The established Enterprise Alliance with HSBC Auto "U.S. Car Masters" open Taiwan automotive beauty of the new century and CHENGLONG velvet car
    Beauty and Yu Auto merged into CARSPA Automotive Beauty Group

Northward from Dongshi town, in the case of work-study learning expertise automotive beauty, when a car has been hard to come by, do car beauty is people think luxury consumption; However, with the Prosperous, buy a car and car Lovers increasing year by year, with the car, there will be a demand for car washing and waxing, so, in 1979, ever since I passed was the latest Japanese technology test, so I raised automotive beauty technologymore demanding! I confirm that each owner should do for the car!

I opened a thousand handsome professional automotive beauty store tired performance by more than a decade of experience specializing in automotive beauty as the main customers, nearly thousands of units of the car are in me and I trained chef hands beauty constructionand maintenance, to be able to see each of the owners of the car in the paint and interior good beauty can be bright as new, and can have any paint, went in the car to provide the most comprehensive technology to improve vehicle condition,are the things I was most looking forward to!

Starting with HSBC auto companies Alliance, so I want more more car can do a cheap car beauty, so almost 70 several, so I do not import HSBC Auto "U.S. Car Masters" factory ofsome consolation; subsequent, the original OEM CHENGLONG car "velvet automotive beauty with Yu Sun whole and for the" NISSAN CARSPA automotive beauty, the addition of nearly 60 locations across the province.

Extension of the factory, under the the beauty technician technical training and requirements became good the first car beauty! So, I started with the VTC staff are committed to training those interested in the automotive beauty, automotive beauty technician also has the most professional skills certification opportunities like sheet spray technician, this is currently all automotive beauty industry by key lead for the things to look forward to!

Thousand handsome professional automotive beauty registered trademark application in China, imports and its own research and development in Taiwan the automotive beauty cleaners, waxes and supplies in China sales success and critically acclaimed, and training with the technology of automotive beauty.

The established Jun Car Easy CO., LTD for beauty products distributor in Taiwan and actively trading foreign beauty supplies export!

        Because the car like a home away from home, no matter where, so that each owner home like new forever be my constant insistence! So in early 2011, the first car beauty care process SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) medical records ", using the latest technology detector to car detection vehicle condition, in addition to the owners of subjective narrative by the detector objective test to determine the car body and the body issues, required the use of construction methods recommended, and then carry out the construction process, the accurate determination of construction the main purpose is to make automotive beauty is no longer a "beauty"., but so that each owner can understand the intentions of each automotive beauty care division construction transparency!